For those who are already familiar with the Neurohacker Collective and Neurohacking, we now have the Neurohacker Lab. While the Neurohacker Collective is a group of scientists, technologists, academics, and creatives empowering individuals with ethical and elegant tools for optimized wellbeing, the Neurohacker Lab provides a platform for assessing your current state, and a personalized program for integrating the most appropriate tools and modalities into your life and lifestyle. As the Neurohacker community grows, we see that apart from the individual goal of optimized wellbeing, our ultimate objective is to help one another to collectively transcend the limited reality in which we find ourselves.


The urge to transcend ourselves may be experienced as a pull or a push or both. The pull may be an intuitive calling or seeking for something higher, or a peak experience that is calling you. The push is most often the pain and suffering in our own minds, our own lives, or the suffering that is all around us. Countless books, poetry, songs and spiritual teaching speak of these attainable higher orders of reality and many have had numerous visitations only to find ourselves back in the suck of a frenetic modern life.

The greatest modern film metaphor of this is that of Neo waking up from the Matrix. In the film he seeks to discover another larger layer of reality which underpins the “fake” programmed world he has grown up in.
Neurohackers seek to regain control over our own minds and show that we are not for rent to any god or government. Sharing this urge to “wake up” from a world we are understand has gone slightly mad, we realise that the programmed minds we have inherited from our forefathers is riddled with bugs and outdated programs. Neurohacking leads us on a path to defragment our body/mind and upgrade our interface and operating system.

The Neurohacker Lab is an incubator designed to gather like-minded people and provide an access point to experiment with the best tried and tested tools and technologies of "self transcendence" - a term borrowed from Abraham Maslow. Also most importantly it is a support network of people who are knitting a common shared reality together with new life coordinates from which to navigate, empower, and act far more effectively. Often our motive from the our unique individual interior is to feel more beautiful, whole, connected and true to our being.

Throughout history, many prophets, shamans and artists speak of their experience of “waking up” as an individual experience. We are now at a time when this ‘wake up’ is now possible en-masse: a 100th monkey syndrome is ripening with the culmination of numerous technologies of interconnection, readiness and urgency, together with combined sharing of wisdom.



To navigate the territory and be able to tell up from down and left from right, we have many wisdom traditions and scientific discoveries to draw from. The most comprehensive integration of all this knowledge is Ken Wilber's AQAL (All Quadrants, all Levels, all Lines, all States and all Types) map, as shown on the left. This is a rather complex map that draws from many wisdom traditions, both east and west into a map of human development.

Maslow's Hirachey of needs is a more commonly understood map of levels of human development.


To keep it simple we can draw from the more common view of Maslow’s levels of development to point toward up and down, to be referred to here as altitude and also to point toward the higher stages of development which Neurohackers are likely to be more interested in.

As mentioned, many of us have had numerous visits to these higher states, but in most of us, they have not yet been established as the lens through which we consistently approach the world. These realities or levels of consciousness are like the software or the operating belief systems of our minds and they need to run on stable hardware platform structures as established in our brain and bodies. So it is vital that to prepare ourselves to inhabit the higher realities, we need to also make sure we have a stable structure to build up to support these ways of being.

Neurohacker practices ensure a good runway from which to take off. Building this support structure and this stabilizing we call ‘translation’. Some examples of these include eg. good gut/brain health; nutrition;  movement; and yoga. For understanding the basic components of the mind we have specific meditations and other brain entrainment technologies.

Neurohacker Lab has developed a program that you can follow to help you experience these higher realities and integrate them in to a functional day to day structure that you can depend on, and anchor the passing states into permanent traits. With an individual guide and a collective fellowship, the compounded group effect is not only supportive, but is more generative than going it alone.


The Neurohacker Lab website is a place a to gain access to the tools of transcendence. Here you can design a program that is tailored to your specific needs and connect with a personal guide and trainer, along with an international community who share an ongoing journey of self discovery and self transcendence as a collective.


The Community. In undertaking the journey as facilitated through the Neurohacker Lab, we have the opportunity to collectively operate from a higher level, which can have an enormous impact on the way we live our lives, design our systems and impact the world. Given our civilization’s current unsustainable trajectory, this is not just a ‘nice to have’,but mission critical for the survival of humanity.

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